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Renting a property can often be a very attractive option because it offers the tenant considerable flexibility along with the ability to walk away and either upgrade or downgrade easily and at minimum cost. However, the process of renting a property in India can certainly be quite time consuming and stressful.

At NoPlaceLikeHome, we hope to help prospective tenants by listing the various steps most renters go through en route to securing a rental property. We’ve also elaborated on each step by including links to full articles to help prospective tenants get a better idea of what to expect at each step of the home rental process.


The question of affordability is a personal one and will vary based on an individual’s circumstances. However, this article on rental affordability sets a framework in place to help prospective tenants try to understand how much they can afford to spend each month on rent.

Property Search for Tenants

At NoPlaceLikeHome, we assist prospective tenants with their property search. We aim to provide an alternative to the existing system by giving landlords the opportunity to bypass the broker by listing their property for FREE on our website.

For rental properties, we are an end-to-end service provider for both the landlord AND the tenant. This means that we provide the landlord and tenant with free legal services through our legal partners for all properties rented though our website.

Property Viewings for Tenants

In our articles on Property Viewing for Home Buyers, we have emphasized the importance of keeping a property viewing checklist along with an actual list of questions for the landlord, and a set of questions related to the home buying decision. In our article on Property Viewing Tips for Tenants, I've highlighted the features within the flat a tenant should lookout for while viewing a property along with questions to ask the landlord to reduce the possibility of any misunderstanding later.

Responsibilities of a Tenant

A tenant has certain rights but also responsibilities towards the landlord and his property. The responsibilities of the tenant are highlighted in this article.

Legal Services

A brief summary for prospective tenants to help them get a basic level of awareness of what the legal aspects of renting a property actually involves.

Moving In

As a tenant, you not only have to go through the hassles of packing and notifications before moving but also need to go through the additional steps of doing an inventory for the apartment. During this stage if you find any problems, it’s best to notify the landlord immediately to avoid problems later.

Lastly, after you’ve moved in, walk around the area and familiarize yourself the nearest amenities and maybe even introduce yourself to the neighbours who might give you additional insight into issues associated with the flat and building.

Home Insurance

It might be worth getting contents insurance to cover the cost of your valuables. There are a number of insurance companies in India offering contents insurance so feel free to shop around. A number of exemptions may apply so please read the policy document carefully.

Moving Out

No matter the reason you’re moving, there are certain steps you need to go through before moving out of your rental accommodation and sticking to these steps will ensure that you get back your deposit on time, with minimal hassles, and ideally with no deductions.

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