About NoPlaceLikeHome

NoPlaceLikeHome.in is an online real estate broker with a platform that aims to bring buyers, tenants, sellers, landlords and even brokers of both residential and commercial properties together, enabling them to interact with each other thereby simplifying property transactions by making the entire process efficient, convenient, cheaper, and transparent.

Core Principles

It is important for people as well as for businesses to believe in and to stand for something. This ultimately gives us our identity and it’s important that we stay true to these principles.

At NoPlaceLikeHome.in, we stand for three core principles and aim to live up to them in everything thing we do. These principles are:


Value can be defined as getting more than what you pay for. At NoPlaceLikeHome.in, we strive to make all our customers feel that they got more than what they paid for long after having done business with us. We recognize that this is the only way our business will see lasting growth.


A property transaction is amongst the biggest transactions a person will make and hence it is important that people trust us with it. All our properties are individually verified to ensure that people are interacting directly with each other. Also, we assure everyone who registers a property with the website that their personal information shall remain confidential and only the individual concerned may choose to disclose any details about himself. Lastly, we aim to make the process as transparent as possible so that our customers know exactly what to expect from us.


For our customers, our goal is to keep their needs at the forefront while striving to provide them with the best possible value and service.

For our employees, we aim to treat our employees with the utmost of respect, challenging them to do their very best and rewarding them commensurate with their contribution to the company.

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